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Root Canal

Root canal is a dental procedure that is often misunderstood. Many people believe that during a root canal, dentists are removing the roots of their teeth, but that is not the case. A root canal involves the little canal, or space, inside of the tooth where the nerves reside. Sometimes, due to trauma or decay, the nerves within this canal get infected. Of course, you don’t want to leave an infection of any kind untreated. So a root canal addresses the issue.

Many people also believe that a root canal is painful. However, it is actually a comfortable procedure. Dr. Allman will numb your tooth and the general area, and then will get into the tooth to clean out the infection. He will seal the tooth with a material that is bio-compatible. Then the tooth is crowned in order to get the patient back to full function and smiling again.

Root canals should never be uncomfortable. After we numb the tooth, the entire procedure is done without any pain to the patient, and no discomfort whatsoever. If there is tenderness, we will not proceed further. Dr. Allman has never had a patient be uncomfortable or in pain during a root canal, and assures that it is a painless, fairly quick procedure.

Root canals are done for several reasons, but the main concern is the inflammation of the nerve. This inflammation is what causes pain – the root canal procedure relieves that pain and pressure. After the root canal is completed, patients are typically comfortable and no longer in distress. Regardless of your dental fears and concerns, this is a necessary and extremely beneficial procedure for an abscessed tooth.

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