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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change your smile by brightening it up, several shades whiter. By completing teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Allman’s Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, your smile will be transformed – amazingly brilliant and beautiful in no time at all! Dr. Allman and his staff offer a variety of safe, successful teeth whitening options for you and your family.

Nite White

Nite White is a take-home solution for those who want the convenience of whitening their teeth as they sleep. This system uses comfortable, snug-fit trays and a safe but powerful whitening gel to brighten your teeth. It gives your smile a lustrous shine and amazing brilliance in as little as three days.


Another system we utilize, for in-office whitening, is the Sapphire teeth whitening solution. This is a whitening system that is done chair-side by spreading a professional-strength gel onto your teeth. Once the gel has been applied, a laser light is used to activate the bleaching ingredients to quickly whiten your teeth. We recommend that you follow up the Sapphire treatment, at home, with special whitening products to maintain that brilliant shine and white look for months to come.

Deep Bleaching

Deep bleaching is done in-office through a special protocol that allows us to give the best results of any whitening method available today. It is a quick and easy chair-side procedure that eliminates tough, stubborn stains on your teeth while whitening by several shades. The results are fast and dramatic.

Whitening teeth is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that our office administers, for patients of all ages. By simply whitening your teeth several shades, you will feel confident and proud of your new glimmering smile!

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